The Art of Body Painting – Pro Tips for Beginners

Body painting is an art done on the body, but unlike other body art and the rest, it is simple and temporary. It can be a simple tattoo on your arm or a full painting done on your entire body to make you look fully clothed, represent a wild animal or something out of this world. These amazing expressions come from a unique mind of human beings that continuously produces a variety of creative thoughts, dreams as well as actions.

The point is artists use body painting as an expression tool to project their inner thoughts for the whole world to see. When these thoughts are converted to body art, it differentiates us from normal animals that must have some features such as skin, feathers and more.

Unlike drawing on paper or carving out a sculpture, it is applicable in many areas. For example, it can be used by a visual artist to create something out of this world. On the other hand, a stage performer may use it to create a mind-boggling illusion that is hard to achieve with just a costume and some makeup. Another place it can apply best is the fashion as well as the movie industry.

To engage in the art of body painting, you are required to be creative or at least be familiar with some art skills such as painting and drawing. The point being, body painting is not easy as it seems. It requires you to prepare a lot, get the tools together and complete the final piece in time. To make your art of body painting a success, it is vital that you employ a variety of painting tricks and techniques. If you are a model, being toned and fit is critical. Check out this reviews – old school new body training program.

Because body art takes a lot of time, it is vital that you have the right tools, have an already-planned design on a paper to make your work easier. Doing this will make it easy for you to overcome a variety of problems that may interfere with your final piece.

If you have an interest in body painting, but don’t know where to start, you will find these few tips useful.

  1. Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush is perfect for a photo shoot. They are common because they are safe, flexible and the best part, they allow you to paint faster. Unlike textile acrylics, they don’t peel at the points of high flexion or crack. If you are just starting out, I suggest that you start with a variety of simple brands. You can try Dinair because it comes with a several standard skin colors that will make it easy for you to achieve your desired effects.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you can choose Mehron, but expect it to powder off easily. If you are looking forward to achieving a more sophisticated body painting, I would recommend Brandel Colour sprays from Kryolan. They are quite similar to real spray paint, they dry quickly and the best part, won’t rub off easily. Another advantage is that they dissolves quickly in soapy water making it easier to remove.

  1. Use of Markers

Markers are considered to be safe, especially for kids. Just like a tattoo, they work well for body paintings that aim to create a translucent effect. Once the marker dries on your skin, it will not come off unless it is washed. Another advantage is that it won’t remove the paint or stretch your skin. The only disadvantage is that the standard markers we have on the market have large-sized points that might make it hard to draw thin lines. I suggest that you start with Crayola markers which you can easily access in your local stores.

  1. Textile Acrylics

These are particularly intended for skin painting but are much cheaper compared to Airbrush makeup. They are non-toxic, safe, dry quickly and the best part; they don’t come off easily. One thing that makes Textile Acrylics a better choice is that they are intended for textiles making them quite superior compared to other paints.

However, they will come off easily when soaked in soapy water. For starters, I would recommend other simple brands such as Createx. They are much cheaper and will work well for body painting. Also, they have a variety of rainbow colors that you can use to create a variety of unusual effects.

Additional tips

  • Choose sponges for stippling textures, stencils for repeat patterns, feathers to create marbling effects and masking tape to create a clean edge effect.
  • To create an effect that represents a statue with much ease, use large sponges to bring out a stone appearance.
  • If you don’t have feathers to create a marble effect, you can use Chinese brushes.
  • To paint clothes like what you see in photography and advertising, apply a variety of airbrushing, brushes and sponges techniques.
  • You can try liquid latex for simple tasks such as face painting because they are easy to use, they rinse off easily, and the best part consumes less time than other paints.
  • Lastly, you can try AGPC Makeup. It is safe for skin and can be simply removed by soap and water. Set it using a talc powder. You can then remove the powder later using a damp sponge.

Body painting can be fun, but only if you know what you are doing. While it requires talent, you can create a variety of effects by just having fun. Don’t forget that it is about expressing your inner thoughts. So, don’t try to be someone else. Lastly, remember, to choose paints and brushes that are cheaper, safe and easy to use.